Thank-you from Melbourne Mini Maker Faire

The Melbourne Mini Maker Faire, organised by the Victorian Department of Education and Training in partnership with KIOSC (Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre) and Swinburne University, ran over two days last week and was attended by over 700 people. Thank-you all for coming to KIOSC!

Thank-you to our generous sponsors: Make Magazine, INTEL, Jaycar Electronics, DLTV, Museum Victoria, Scienceworks, 3D Hubs, 3D Printing Guy, Think Digital and Brunswick Bound Books, Music, Films and Art.

Melbourne Mini Maker Faire Education Day, held on Friday 18th March was attended by 260 students and teachers from 30 schools across the state. The prize for travelling the furthest goes to the Warrnambool network schools Brauer College, Woolsthorpe Primary School and Woodford Primary School who got on their bus close to 5 am for the long trek.

At the Education Day, teachers and school leaders were inspired by Stephen Heppell and students participated in a variety of workshops run by experts and by their peers.

On Saturday 19th March we welcomed Melbourne makers, hobbyists, artists and enthusiasts. We had a great program of speakers, lots of workshops and activities and some fabulous displays.

More great images can be found at thanks to Mark Richardson

Thanks for sharing the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire with us. We had an amazing two days!

Research Competition Winner

Congratulations  to Isaac Ly aged 7. He wins the $25 book voucher so generously donated by Brunswick Bound

Victa lawn mower ~ Mervyn Victor Richardson 2 black box ~ Dave Warren. 3 electric drill ~ Arthur James Arnot 4 Cochlear implants ~ Professor Graeme Clark 5 Hills Hoist ~ Lance Hill 6 Plastic banknote ~ Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and The University of Melbourne 7 Wi-fi ~ John O’Sullivan 8 The Ute ~ Lew Bandt

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.00.42 pm

The Full List of What’s Available

The Program is structured as two distinct sections.

A formal Speakers and Workshops Program

These will occur in one of 4 designated rooms and will run concurrently. It is important to note that each of these presenters has a booth display area and will welcome all visitors to ask questions and get to know more about what drives their passion  to continue their journey of MAKING!!

There will be no sign up necessary for the Speaker’s sessions and  sign up sheets for the workshops will be near the entry of the respective rooms.

An All Day “DROP IN” Hands on Workshops & Booth Display Program

These will be scattered throughout the two levels of the beautiful KIOSC building. The Hands On Workshops may have instructors or might be self driven. We ask that parents supervise their children in all workshops. All MAKERS invite you to ask as many questions as you like as they realise that the sharing of experience is aan integral part of our Making Community

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.20.01 pm

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.19.46 pm

A Full List of What is on Offer

2016 & Beyond – Department of Education & Training 2 Foyer 251
3 Printing Guy – Tinkercad Tinkerplay Workhops 1 Computer Lab 105
4SucculentSake – Garden in a TCup 2 Discovery Lab 2 207 (Balcony)
Augmented & Virtual Reality -ThinTim Gentle 2 Presentation Rm 205
Aurarum 1 Computer Lab 105
Baja Board George U 1 Amphitheatre  
Connected Community Hacker space 1 Teaching Rm2 103
DATTA – Makerspace Design Brief Challenge 2 Presentation 204
Design Thinking with  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY 1 Corridor 151
Design Thinking with  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY Swinburne School of Design  Bridgette Engler 12.30 – 2 pm Only 1 & 2 Science Rm 106
Enabling the Future- Workshop 1 Computer Lab 105
Filagree Pro 1 Computer Lab 105
First Lego League – Demo 2 Discovery Lab 2 207
Giving your Maker a Kickstart – John Pearce   Speaker  
Global Participation Fit3D Fully Body Scanning 1 Computer Lab 105
Google Cardboard Think.Digital Tim Gentle 2 Presentation Rm 205
Hacked Knitting Machine — Design & Create Sarah Spencer 1 Foyer 151
How Maker Culture is Poised to Change the Community Landscape in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs –  Paul Darley   Speaker  
Indian Maker Stories – Shah Samarth 2 Corridor  
Intel – Galileo and Genuino 1 Teaching Rm2 103
JAYCAR 1 Teaching Room 3 104
Lego Education & Moore Educational  – Learn To Learn Structure 1 Amphitheatre  
Light & Kinetic Art – David Turk 2 Presentation Rm 205
Make Do – Cardboard Construction 2 Discovery Lab 2 207
MEET UP  3D Hubs Meeting 1 Computer Lab 105
MEET UP (Gildenston) Cracking Open the Melbourne Hacker-Maker Spaces for Kids and Parent”  3pm 1 Science Rm 106
MESH Great Gadgets –  Chris Fryer 2 Discovery Lab 1 205
MicroBee Technology 1 & 2 Corridor 151
Neural Knitwork 2 Foyer 251
2 Discovery Lab 2 207
Pakronics 1 Corridor 151
Protoworks – 3D Printing 1 Computer Lab 105
Scienceworks – Invention Challenge 2 Discovery Lab 1 205
Scouts  Construction 1 Outside = Food Van  
She Makes – Girl Geek Academy  April Staines 1 Teaching Rm 2 103
Simply Sewing  Department of Education & Training 2 Discovery Lab 2 207
Small Robots and Coding, SmartCity project with VicRoads. Mater Christi  College 2 Presentation Rrm 205
SupertoothNDK Inc Maurice White 2 Prep Lab 206
Swinburne Tinkerers Lachlan Mackie 2 Discovery Lab 1 205
Tom Harris – Redgum & Rust Junk Creations 1 & 2 Foyer L2 & Various  

Melbourne Makers on the MOVE

The program for Melbourne Mini Maker Faire nearly in its final stages of development. There are still some spaces available for inventors young or old. If you know of someone who might be suitable please let me know ASAP


A Snippet of the Program

All Day Workshops for Everyone to Enjoy     Succulent-e1404753088515

4SucculentSake – Garden in a T-Cup   This is a  Make n Take Activity   (MnT)

Make Do – Cardboard Construction

DATTA  – Creating a Makerspace

Scienceworks & Melbourne Museum – Follow a Design Brief to Create an Invention  (MnT)

Lego Education – Sturdy Structure Challenge  (MnT)

Moore Education – Create a Better City

Some Gems from our Workshop  and Speaker’s Programs

Augmented Reality -Tim Gentle

Swinburne Tinkerers – Lachlan Mackie


Enabling The Future – LAUNCH
eNABLE Melbourne group

The 3D Printer Guy  – Christopher Ly
Tinkercad and Tinkerplay workshops

She Makes – Girl Geek Academy

Indian Maker Stories –  Shah Samarth

Some Education Innovations

Adobe Workshop – Dr. Tim Kitchen

How Maker Culture is Poised to Change the Community Landscape in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs –  Paul Darley

ROBOTS, DRONES & DROIDS SmartCity project with VicRoads. Mater Christi

Creating a Makerspace – BIALIK College

redgumSome Booth Presentations

Baja Board George Uarticle-0-1AEA782E00000578-612_634x422

SupertoothNDK Inc Maurice White

Tom Harris – Redgum And Rust  Art from found objects